Course Plan Template
in MS Word format

Course Plan Template in MS Word format

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About this Template

File Name: CPT_WORD_01-Course_Plan_Template
File Type: Microsoft Word Document Template (.dot)
File Size: 11 KB zipped / 86 KB when unzipped
Application: Created using Microsoft Word 2003
Page Setup: A4 - Portrait

My curriculum planning template will help those who are responsible for planning a course or curriculum to manage and administrate the course content and lessons.

There is space to enter the details of up to 24 lesson plans.

Using the Word template

When you open the Microsoft Word template file it will open as a new document ready to be used. This will happen each time that you open it.

The document has been protected to only allow the user to complete the grey boxes. These grey boxes are known as Form Fields. You can tab from one form field to the next or use your mouse to navigate between them.

You will not be able to amend any other part of the document unless you unprotect the document first.

Simply enter the relevant course information into each form field.

I recommend that you give your completed template a unique reference. This will help you locate and identify it again in the future.

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Course Plan Template in MS Word format

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