How to download templates correctly from class-templates

If you are familiar with downloading files from the internet and have saved and opened ZIP files previously then this page may be easy reading for you.

If you are not, please read on to ensure that you get the most from the templates available to download from

Download templates in Microsoft Office formats

Each Microsoft Office template that can be downloaded from this website is saved within a ZIP file.

Each template can be amended using the Microsoft Office application that it was originally designed in.

Microsoft Office templates available to download have been built using the following applications;

  • Microsoft Office Word
  • Microsoft Office Excel
  • Microsoft Office Publisher

ZIP files

A ZIP file is a special type of folder that compresses the information saved inside it. It allows different types of file to be downloaded, emailed and shared quicker and easier.

ZIP files have the file extension .zip.

ZIP files can also be identified by the file icon displayed. Below are some common ZIP file icons.

Zip file icon

Download options

When you click on a link or picture that downloads one of my amendable templates you will have two options;

Option 1.

Open the ZIP file directly without saving it to your PC.

You will then be able to open and start using the template saved within the ZIP file.

Option 2.

Download and save the ZIP file to your PC

Once downloaded to your PC, you will need to extract or unzip the template from the ZIP file and save it in a safe location.

If the ZIP file contains more than one file you will have to save the ZIP file first and then extract or unzip the files contained inside it.

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