Curriculum Planning.
Organize well planned lessons into manageable courses

If you deliver a series of lessons to groups of students then these curriculum planning templates will help you manage and organize your lessons into well planned courses.

Planning a single lesson is one thing. Planning a course is another.

Being able to see the 'big picture' for yourself and to identify clear objectives for a course can be more easily achieved if you have some simple organizational tools to help you plan.

If you aren't sure of the direction that your lessons are heading then your students certainly won't.

These templates help teachers to prepare their lessons to fulfil the allocated time they have with their students and to meet course objectives.

Curriculum planning templates are currently available in Microsoft Office Word and PDF formats.

Course Plan Template in MS Word format

Course Plan Template in MS Word format

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Printable Course Plan in PDF format

Printable Course Plan in PDF format

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Identify your curriculum planning objectives

Be sure that you clearly understand what your students want to get or achieve from attending your course. Depending on what subject or activity you teach, train or instruct it may be easier to identify.

  • A driving instructor wants to prepare his student to pass their driving test and obtain their driving licence.
  • A personal trainer wants his student to improve their health and fitness and probably meet specific targets that they have agreed and set together.
  • A school teacher wants to prepare his students to pass their examinations.
  • A dance teacher may want to prepare her students to perform at an end of term production.
  • An IT trainer may want to enable her student to use the companies document management system as part of a new employees induction.

Some teachers may see their students only once a week.

Some may see them daily.

No matter the amount of student contact time, your students will want to feel as though they are being steered in the right direction to ultimately fulfil the objective of the course.

Be sure that you know what that is.

Set a level

It is unlikely that all your courses will be delivered to groups of students of the same level, age or competency. It may sound obvious but make sure that you consider this. At the planning stage it may be easier and less work to think that you can deliver the same course to groups of different levels.

'Yeah. I've planned my intermediate course to perfection. I'll just go slower and repeat the exercises and activities more for my beginners classes.'

Depending on your subject or activity this may be possible but will you really be helping your students to reach that all important course objective?

If they are paying customers will they really think that you are value for money? May be there's another teacher nearby they can try out.

Plan your lessons

A well planned course will deliver a number of lessons that breakdown the subject or activity into manageable chunks. Your students will need to be able digest and learn what they are taught and feel that each lesson is helping them to reach that all important course objective.

When curriculum planning, think of the course as a project. Break it down into pieces. You may find it useful to use some brain storming methods to get some ideas written down on paper.

Organise your ideas into groups and think what can be taught in the same lesson. Consider the duration of each lesson and how much you can realistically deliver in this time. You will need to calculate how much time you and your students will need to sucessfully complete the course.

To help plan individual lessons use lesson plan templates to ensure that you prepare for each lesson thoroughly.

My curriculum planning and course templates allow you to record your course content so that you are clear of what you are going to deliver. Once you have planned your course and completed the course plan, it is an excellent reference document that you can refer to in the future.

Don't let poor planning lose you students

If teaching is your business do not let bad planning and poor course management lose you students. My curriculum planning templates will help you to focus on your course objectives and organise your lessons into a well managed course.


Curriculum Planning Template (MS Word)

Printable Course Plan (PDF)