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Lesson Plan Templates

Well designed lesson plan templates can help deliver structured, well planned, quality lessons.

A good teacher, trainer or conscientious home schooling parent will spend a significant amount of time researching and planning their lessons and classes before delivering them to their students.

Use these formatted templates to organize your thoughts and turn them into structured content, helping you to prepare thoroughly for your classes.

Lesson plan templates are currently available to download in MS Word and PDF formats.

Lesson Plan Format in MS Word

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Printable Lesson Plan in PDF

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PDF (.pdf)

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Template for ESL/TEFL Lesson Plans in MS Word

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Lesson Plan Content

My blank lesson plan templates are generic and are not aimed at any particluar type of teacher, trainer, instructor or activity. All the information to be entered into the lesson plans should help anyone delivering learning to organise the following;

  • Lesson Objective/s:
  • What you would like your students to know or be able to do by the end of the class.

  • Tasks and Activities:
  • How you are going to deliver the lesson content to enable your students to meet the lesson objective. You may want to consider the timing/duration of each task or activity. This will ensure that you have enough, or not too much, content for the duration of the lesson.

  • Materials / Equipment:
  • Books, music, software, clothes, presentations etc. to be used in the lesson that enable you to deliver, and your students to undertake, the lesson tasks and activities.

  • References:
  • Sources of information that you and/or your students can refer to, that compliment the lesson.

  • Take Home Tasks:
  • In other words home work - however I think this sounds to academic. Plan what your students could do at home to help with their understanding or that enables them to pratice an activity.

Create a Lesson Plan Library

Why recreate the wheel each time you teach the same topic or activity?

Use my lesson plan templates to create a library of all your lessons.

A well planned lesson, documented on one of my free lesson plan templates, will ensure that you can quickly revise the content, objectives, level and relevance of the lesson for future use.

In the event that you cannot make it to a class, it also serves as a great teaching aid for a substitute teacher with the minimum of interruption to your students learning.

Why not provide your students with a copy of your lesson plan? This shows that you have diligently prepared their lesson. The student also has a record of what the lesson was about and if you wish to provide it, details of references that are relevant to the lesson.

Who should lesson plan?

Lesson planning is not reserved to academic teaching only. Anyone who delivers training or instruction should plan if they are to deliver quality lessons.

  • Would a driving instructor not plan a suitable route for the first lesson of a complete beginner?
  • Would a personal trainer not plan suitable exercises for a class of 70 year olds?
  • Would a corporate IT trainer prepare examples of complex VB script for a class of secretaries interested in mail merge?

I can't tell you how to teach your subject, but I can provide you with well designed free lesson plans and other templates that will help you to deliver quality classes relevant to the ability of your students.

Why should I plan?

Ask any teacher, trainer or instructor what it feels like to be caught unprepared in front of a group of eager students keen to learn.

In a one to one situation you feel exposed.

In a full classroom it can end in chaos.

I have to admit, I've been there on the odd occasion when I worked as a TEFL teacher. Bring children into the equation and you have a recipe for disaster.

I've also felt that uncomfortable feeling of not being prepared when training staff on how to use a business critical IT system in a large law firm. I don't what is worse, children or lawyers?

You may be an expert on your subject or undertake your sport or activity to a professional level.

However, knowledge alone does not make a great teacher.

A motivating personality combined with knowledge, patience and carefully designed lessons, will make a teacher that students trust and respect.

If your students are paying customers, it will ensure that they return for more, helping to make your business a success.

Review your lessons

If you really know your subject it's always possible to get through a class with some quick thinking improvising but review your lesson afterwards and ask yourself the following.

  • Did you feel comfortable?
  • Did your students notice your lack of preparation?
  • Did you keep to your planned course or curriculum?
  • If your students were paying customers, would they recommend you to other potential paying customers?
  • Did your students leave feeling motivated?
  • How would you feel if you were one of your students?

Start using Lesson Plan Templates

My templates have been created using a number of different desktop software applications. All you have to do is;

1. choose the lesson plan format that you are familiar with

2. download it for free

3. save it somewhere safe

4. start planning for a more organised future.

With the exception of PDF files, all lesson plan templates can be amended using the desktop application that they were created in. If a template does not quite fit your requirements, edit it as you wish so it works for you and make it look like your own.

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