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Alternatively click here for a Lesson Plan Format template in MS Word.

About the Lesson Plan Template

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This free template is extremely useful if you do not have a desktop application installed on your computer that allows you to use one of my other amendable lesson plan templates.

The lesson plan template is saved as a PDF file and allows all users that have a PDF reader to view, print and save it.

The Lesson Plan

This template is generic and is not aimed at any particluar type of teacher, trainer, instructor or activity.

All the information to be entered into the lesson plan should help anyone delivering learning to identify and organise the following;

  • The lesson objective/s.
  • Tasks and activities to undertake during the lesson.
  • Materials and equipment required.
  • Useful references that you and/or your students can look up.
  • Take Home Tasks, in other words homework relevant to the lesson content.


"I like this format of completing a lesson plan, most are wordy and time consuming."

Secondary School Teacher

"Thank you for sharing a simple, user-friendly template.  It covers everything that can be measured in learning environments."

Trainer within organisation

"Love it for homeschooling"

Parent at home

The printable lesson plan template does have one limitation - space.

As the PDF file cannot be amended, the size of the boxes for each part of the lesson plan cannot be expanded.

You may find that you do not have enough space to adequately plan your lesson.

Using the template

Print the lesson plan template and complete it by hand.

I recommend that you give your lesson plan a unique Lesson Plan reference. This will help you locate and identify it again in the future.

If the lesson plan is going to make up part of a course or module, then enter a Course Reference that uniquely identifies the course. Click here to find out more about Course Planning.

Printable Lesson Plan Template

A diligently completed lesson plan not only helps prepare for a single lesson, it can be used again and again in the future. It can detail everything required to help deliver a quality lesson.

If you have a scanner why not scan a copy of your completed printable lesson plan template and save it on your PC or other media storage device. This will ensure that you have a copy in the event that you loose the hard copy lesson plan or if it becomes tatty and unusable.

If you cannot go to a lesson due to illness etc. but you do not want the class to be cancelled, you could give a copy of the relevant completed lesson plan to a substitute teacher, trainer or instructor (if one is available). This ensures that your students are disturbed as little as possible and that continuity from one class to the next is maintained, something that your students will recognize and appreciate - especially if they are paying customers!


Lesson Plan Format (MS Word)

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