Are downloaded files safe?
File Scan before opening

Before you open any templates that you have not created yourself, you should file scan them to check that they are safe to open. The same advice goes for any files that you download from the internet, receive attached to an email or on digital media such as CD's, DVD,s and memory sticks.

Why may it be unsafe to open a template or file?

Templates and other types of file can contain programming code. People who want to cause disruption to our digital lives can potentially hide viruses within templates and other file types. The virus can be activated when the file is opened.

For your peace of mind, as well as my own, all templates available to download from have been scanned for viruses before they are uploaded.

Want to check for yourself?

If you already have anti-virus software installed on your PC use it to check any of my downloaded templates.

If you do not have any virus checking software or you are unsure of how to use what you have, you can use this virus file scanner provided free of charge by Kaspersky.

The web host for has a very strict policy regarding what files can be uploaded onto it’s web servers. If a file containing a virus is found on one of the websites that it hosts, it can cancel the website owner’s account.