Free Printable To Do Lists

Too many things in your head to remember?

These free printable to do lists in PDF format are ready to print off and use immediately.

When I had a lot going on at work and at home I often lost sleep just trying to recall what I needed to be doing the next day, the next week, or even the next month.

In an attempt to relieve the stress I started following the advice given to me to write all my tasks down.

To begin with I would write notes on spare bits of paper that I had cut up into note pads but this soon got out of hand as papers would get lost and the lack of structure made them confusing to read after they were written. The stress was not going away.

A more methodical approach was required so I started to structure my to do lists into well planned documents.

By sticking a printed copy on my office wall I could add tasks as they came into my head. I always reviewed it at the end of the working day to add anything I had overlooked.

It's amazing how that piece of paper stuck to my office wall helped me to sleep at night.

And it was even more amazing that by writing down the tasks, I appeared to remember what I should be doing without even having to refer to the list. This article Writing and Remembering: Why We Remember What We Write seems to agree with this.

To download your free to do list, simply click on a format below that suits your needs and a PDF document will open in a new window. Simply print off or save to your device for use in the future.

You will need a PDF reader to view it.

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Monday to Friday - 5 day To Do Lists:

The standard working days of the week from Monday through to Friday, with space to write 10 tasks per day.

Monday to Sunday - 7 day Printable To Do Lists:

All 7 days of the week to allow for tasks to be recorded at the weekends as well. Due to the reduction in space 8 tasks can be recorded per day.

Students will find this useful for examination revision planning.

20 Item Action To Do List:

This printable to do list can be used to record tasks for different days and for different people. A "Date Due" column allows you to specify when the task should be completed by.

Ideally suited for people collaborating on a small project.


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