Reward Charts for Kids

These printable reward charts for kids are available to download as PDF files.

Charts come in two styles - 5 or 10 stars.

It's up to you how you use them.

Simply print off and set some targets or activities that must be completed for a star to be colored in.

There is space for the name of the child/student and space to write what the reward will be when all stars have been completed.

5 Star Reward Charts for Kids

The blank 5 star reward chart can be printed and given to your child/student to color in.

This can successfully introduce them to the reward chart before they begin working towards completing stars.

For young children you could offer them the chance to complete one star if they color the reward chart in nicely.

If you think that a brightly colored chart will attract greater enthusiasm then 5 star reward charts can be downloaded in 9 different colors.

Ideas for using the 5 star reward charts for kids


Think of each star as an activity, target or goal. Alternatively they could represent days.

Each time the target is completed by your child/student, one star can be colored in or a sticker used to mark the star as complete.

We've used them with our kids. We soon learned that low numbers of stars were more successful at encouraging the kids to get done what we wanted them to do.

After all, that is what the outcome of using a reward chart should be - encouraging our beloved little ones to focus on an activity long enough to achieve something.

Activities or goals could include the following:

  • reading
  • learning times tables
  • getting dressed
  • doing the washing up
  • setting the table for dinner
  • tidying the bedroom/classroom
  • cleaning the pet run
  • cleaning teeth well and unsupervised
  • sitting and listening well in class
  • helping others

...the list is endless.

What deserves a reward?

You know your child/student best.

Understand what is most likely to motivate them to achieve more, get more done or get stuff done better.

How you reward achievement is entirely up to you.

Don't assume a low number of stars deserves a lesser reward.

5 challenging activities may be more deserving than 10 quick and easy ones.

Rewards don't have to mean treats.

Why not offer a certificate of achievement or completion when the reward chart is successfully completed?

10 Star Reward Charts for Kids

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