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Welcome to Class Templates!

You have just found an oasis of FREE administration solutions and free teacher resources for those that deliver learning.

Not just for school teachers!

No matter if you are a school teacher, home school tutor, personal trainer, dance teacher, driving instructor or IT trainer.

No matter if you are self employed, run your own business or work within a large public or corporate organisation.

If you deliver 'learning' you will find something of use to help better plan, better organise and better manage your classes, students, courses and even your business.

If you own a computer but don't have the skills, experience or time to discover how it can help you better manage and deliver quality classes then read on.

Using everyday computer programs such as Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Powerpoint and MS Access, I have created a range of simple to use and highly effective templates for teachers, parents, trainers and instructors that help plan, organise, manage and deliver learning objectives.

Free to download and easy to use

It's great to be offered something for free but only if what you receive is truly useable and helpful.

I provide plain English instructions on how to download, open and use each Word document, Excel spreadsheet and Access database. Each solution can be amended using the computer program that has been used to create it so, if it does not quite work for your teaching environment, you can redesign it as you wish.

If you don't have the time or the computing skills to do this contact us to design tailor made solutions for you at very competitive rates.

Spend more time developing class content and delivering quality lessons and let Class Templates deal with the administration.

What we do...

Free teacher resources such as lesson plan formats, attendance tracking spreadsheets, award certificates, free flash cards, multiplication charts and other professionally designed administration solutions for managing classes, students and educational businesses.

Free home school teaching materials.

Table of Contents

Class Templates Blog

The Class-Templates Blog keeps you up-to-date with all new templates uploaded and amendments made to the class-templates.com Web site. Subscribe here.

Free Lesson Plan Templates

Organise class content and clearly identify aims and objectives for students with our free downloadable lesson plan templates.

Course Management and Curriculum Planning

Curriculum planning tips and tools to help teachers, trainers and instructors organise their lessons into structured courses.

Student Attendance Sheets and Class Registers

Student Attendance Sheets and Class Registers. Record absence, incidents and payments received.

Weekly Attendance Sheets

Weekly Attendance Sheets and Printable Attendance Calendars

Monthly Attendance Sheets

Free Monthly Attendance Sheets, Attendance Templates and Printable Attendance Calendars. Record, analyse and understand your monthly class attendance figures.

Course Attendance Sheets

Course Attendance Sheets and Course Management Solutions

Free Printable Certificates of Achievement

Free Printable Certificates of Achievement. Acknowledge the progress that your students make.

Free Printable Certificates of Appreciation

Free Printable Certificates of Appreciation. Acknowledge valuable contributions made by your students.

Free Certificate Template

Free Certificate Template of Completion. Mark the successful conclusion of your students' attendance by awarding them this free certificate of completion.

Printable Daily Planner Templates

A selection of printable daily planning formats.

Free Printable Weekly Planners

Whether you need to schedule Monday to Friday or weekends as well, you will find a weekly planner with hours to suit your needs.

Flash Card Templates

Free flash card templates in a variety of sizes that allow you to make your own picture and vocabulary flash cards.

Which Microsoft Template should I use?

Selecting the right Microsoft Template to use for a task is essential if you want to get things done quicker and easier.

File Scan your downloads

File scan templates and files before opening. Class-templates does before uploading.

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