Multiplication Chart to 100
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Below are 3 different page formats for a printable multiplication chart to 100.

Designed with home printing in mind, these multiplication charts are provided in A4 and A3 size.

Multiplication Chart to 100

Presenting a 100 x 100 times table matrix on one sheet of A4 paper is impractical as the font size required is too small to read.

Therefore to allow easy reading, these charts have been designed to print out on more than one sheet of paper and then stuck together to form one clearly presented table.

All multiplication charts are provided in PDF format. Each chart will open in a new window within your browser.

To view them a PDF reader is required.

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Multiplication Chart to 100 - A4 print size

Click here for your free multiplication chart to 100 in A4 size.

Designed with an A4 printer in mind, 4 sheets of paper are required to print out the whole matrix. 

Multiplication Chart to 100 printing

Once printed, each A4 sheet can be cut along the edges that will join together.  Arrange the trimmed print outs as in the layout below.

A4 print layout
Multiplication Chart to 100 on wall

Multiplication Chart to 100 - A3 print size

Click here for the multiplication chart in A3 size.

If you have access to a printer that can print on A3 size paper, this chart requires 2 sheets of A3 that can be trimmed and stuck together as shown in the graphic below. 

A3 print layout

x5 Multiplication Chart to 100

Not everyone is interested in every multiple of every number up to 100.

This chart provides multiples of all numbers from 1 through to 15 and thereafter each 5 up to 100.

x5 Multiplication Chart up to 100

It prints neatly onto 1 sheet of A4 paper, perfect for sticking to the inside of a folder or notebook.

Multiplication Chart to 100 in folder

Creating your own multiplication chart

If you would like to create your own multiplication chart similar to the above free downloadable charts, then Microsoft Excel is a great application to use.

It allows you to quickly and accurately construct your own chart using a simple formula within a spreadsheet to calculate multiples of numbers that you define.

You can format the cells in the spreadsheet with different colored backgrounds to help users read the chart more easily.

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We also provide these free times table award certificate templates to present to learners to acknowledge their achievements as they master their times tables.