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Printable Course Plan Template in PDF format

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About this Course Plan Template

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Adobe Reader or similar

This free printable course plan template is extremely useful if you do not have a desktop application installed on your computer that allows you to use one of my other amendable course plan templates.

The course plan template is saved as a PDF file and allows all users that have a PDF reader to view, print and save it.

The Course Plan

The printable course plan template is generic and is not aimed at any particluar type of teacher, trainer, instructor or activity.

All the information to be entered into the course plan should help anyone delivering a course to consider, identify and organise the following;

  • The Course Objective/s:
  • Be clear about what you and your students want to achieve by attending your classes. There may be more than one objective.

    Write them down.

    Really understand what they are so that the lessons you are going to deliver provide the information, skills or practice that your students require to fulfil the course objectives.

  • Level:
  • Set a level for your course. You want to ensure that the lessons you are going to plan or have already planned are appropriate for each group of students who undertake your course.

    Deliver an advanced course to a beginners class and don't be surprised to see confused, bewildered students looking back at you. If they are paying customers you are in danger of losing them if they think they are not going to gain anything from your course.

    Likewise deliver a beginners course to an advanced class and don't be surprised to see bored students chatting between themselves attempting to teach each other what they already know - if they're keen that is!

    Again, if they are paying customers they may look else where to find a course that better suits what they are wanting to acheive.

  • Lessons to be Delivered:
  • Write down the lessons that will be delivered as part of the course. If you have used my lesson plan templates you will have given each lesson plan a unique Lesson Plan Reference and a Lesson Title.

Remember, the Course Plan is for planning a course aimed at a specific level. It does not schedule or diarise lessons for a specific group of students. Use my Course Schedule template to help you organise for a specific student group including dates, times and locations for each lesson to be delivered.

Using the Printable Course Plan template

Print the course plan template and complete it by hand.

Give your course plan a unique Course Plan reference and a Course Title. This will help you locate and identify it again in the future.

Identify the level that the course will be aimed at.

List the lessons that will be delivered as part of the course. If you have used my lesson plan templates to help you plan your lessons you will have given each lesson a unique lesson plan reference.

You can now reference all relevant lesson plans that make up part of the course with the Course Plan reference. This is really helpful when you have two or more very similar courses.

For example, if you like to break your student groups into very fine tuned levels, create a course for each. List the lessons that will be deliverd as part of each course on the Course Plan. You can even name one course the same as the other as long as you have given each course a unique Course Reference.


The printable course plan template does have a limitation - space.

The details of up to 24 lesson plans can be entered.

As the PDF file cannot be amended, the size of the boxes for each part of the printable course plan cannot be expanded. You may find that you do not have enough space to adequately plan your course.

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